The Royal Queensland Show, or the Ekka as it is known, will start on August 6 with this being the first one since 2019.

This year the public holiday for the City of Logan will be on Monday 8th August giving a long weekend for some. While people’s day will be once again on a Wednesday, 10th August.

While there is no state mandate for face masks, the Queensland government will be giving everyone who enters the show a free face mask.

Health Minister Yvette D’Ath said the distribution of free masks at the first Ekka to be held since 2019 would help to protect patrons.

“Queenslanders from across the state and beyond have been enjoying the Ekka since it was first held since 1876,” the Minister said.

“We want Ekka visitors to enjoy this year’s show safely and experience all it has to offer – Australia’s best livestock, produce, food, fashion, and fireworks.

“The last thing we want when the Ekka returns is to see showgoers having to spend the next week in isolation with COVID-19 or influenza.

“With the pandemic now in its third wave, we can’t rely on vaccination alone – it’s crucial that showgoers take precautions to stay safe at the show.

“We know that masks can play an important role protecting Ekka visitors.

“We’re encouraging all Ekka-goers this year to mask up, not only for themselves, but for everyone visiting Queensland’s biggest show.

“If you are sick or have symptoms, stay home and don’t go to the Ekka.”

RNA Chief Executive Brendan Christou welcomed Queensland Health’s offer of free masks and said the RNA would be encouraging patrons to mask up in the Ekka’s indoor pavilions.

“More than 70 per cent of the Show is outdoors with more than 20 hectares of open space for Ekka visitors to walk around and enjoy,” Mr Cristou said.

“We have been working closely with the Chief Health Officer and Queensland Health to ensure Ekka patrons are as safe and protected as possible.

“We sincerely thank them for their ongoing support and assistance in helping bring the state’s biggest event back for the people of Queensland to enjoy.’’

Minister D’Ath thanked Queenslanders for continuing to follow the health advice.

“In learning to live with COVID-19, it’s important that large-scale events like the Ekka or our recent State of Origin can go ahead in a COVID-safe way,” she said.

“Queenslanders have proven that they can enjoy these events safely, and we want to this year’s Ekka to be no different.

“Everyone should continue with the COVID-safe practices they know so well.

“This means washing your hands regularly, keeping up-to-date with your vaccinations, maintaining a safe distance from others when possible, and wearing a mask when appropriate.”

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