Getting to know someone takes time and for many, time is short due to work, life, family and more. So, getting to know a political candidate who wants your vote and trust can be hard work.

We have asked some questions to we can all learn more about the person who is behind the flyer in your letterbox, or you met at the door or community event.

Peta Duffy is campaigning for the Division 1 seat in the Logan City Council election in March and sat down with us to give some insight into who she is and what experience she has.

Q. Tell me about yourself. 

I’m a long-term resident of Division 1, having grown up in Springwood and attending the local schools. I’ve also raised my own family in the same neighbourhood.

From a young age I was active in and around Logan, with ballet classes in Rochedale South, swimming in Beenleigh and gymnastics at the Logan PCYC.

 As a young teenager I won second in Australia in Springboard Diving and I was nominated for a Logan and Albert News junior sporting award. I’ve always loved sport so these days you’ll normally find me on two wheels riding through the bush or peddling on our bikeways.


I hold a Bachelor of Accounting and bring a broad range of real-world experience to the table, including financial and senior management skills, community involvement and small business ownership. 


I’m a Justice of the Peace and active in the community as a volunteer for the Rochedale/Springwood Meals on Wheels, the Logan East Community Neighbourhood Centre and I’m a member of the Rochedale/Springwood Lions Club. I’m also a supporter of The Mini Farm Project, a wonderful initiative that grows food to feed Queenslanders in need.

Peta Duffy volunteering for Meals on Wheels
Peta Duffy volunteering for Meals on Wheels

Q. Why are you interested in our community?

This has been my home for 36 years, so I genuinely care about our community and have a deep sense of connection to the area. For me it’s about our residents and everything that makes our community so great. I’ve seen the community come together in hard times, supporting neighbours, stepping up and helping. 

Q. Why did you decide to run?

As a long-term resident, I care deeply about this community. Logan is poised to be one of the fastest growing areas in South East Queensland so I believe it’s integral that going forward we have engaged councillors, who encourage innovation and bring fresh ideas.

Q. What do you think is the most important skill of being a good councillor?

The most important skill is the ability to listen, connect and engage with all members of the community. 

Peta Duffy at the Fishers of Men Christmas party
Peta Duffy at the Fishers of Men Christmas party

Q. What distinguishes you from the other candidates?

I bring financial management experience to council, I’m a hard worker, I’m authentic and I’m active in and genuinely care about the community.

I have an extremely supportive husband and family and as my youngest child is graduating this year, I’m able to fully commit to Council.

If elected I will listen, engage the community and work closely with residents to fight for the best possible outcomes for this area. 

Q. What would you like to see happen in your division over the next 4 years?

– Upgraded community and sporting facilities so that we can provide further assistance for our community and engage our youth, families, and seniors. 

– Proactive planning for future infrastructure requirements, including protection of our beautiful green spaces.

– Creating a safer community, through installation of more safety cameras, ensuring our current infrastructure is maintained to a high standard and traffic safety needs are met.

– Championing for more events in this area to bring the local community together.

Peta Duffy delivering flyers to Division 1
Peta Duffy delivering flyers to Division 1

Q. What organisations or non-profits have you been an active member of in recent years?

– Justice of the Peace for over 13 years

– Volunteer for Meals on Wheels

– Member of Rochedale/Springwood Lions Club. 

– Volunteer at the community dinners held at the Logan East Community Neighbourhood Centre

– Cycled over 1500 kms for an Australia based charity that supports vulnerable children

Peta Duffy
Peta Duffy

Q. Why should voters cast their ballot for you?

I’m genuine, what you see is what you get. As a long-term resident, I care deeply for this community so I will work hard, I’ll be involved and engaged and represent this community in the way we deserve.

I also bring a broad range of real-world experience and understanding to council, having worked many years in financial and senior management both in large organisations, privately owned companies and having owned and operated my own small business.

This has given me the ability to actively listen, think laterally, consider multiple views, collaborate and make decisions.

Q. How do you plan to communicate with residents in your division?

–  Open door policy for all communication.

–  You will see me as I’ll be out and active in the community, continuing my involvement with our local clubs and organisations.

– Regular check-ins with the community via mobile office days and continued door knocking

– Conduct formal engagement and consultation with community on material matters concerning the Division.

Q. What are your long-term career goals?

To be an advocate for this community that I love.

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