As term two begins, year 12 students are starting to plan their formals and begin to look at the future after school.

For many, the formal is a freedom of expression in personality with a beautiful dress or suit, hair done and a nice ride to the door. While for others, the cost of the ticket is too much, and the rest just won’t happen.

Logan’s fairy godmother is at it again with trying to help more students make their formals and continue the right of passage for all graduating students.

The Formal Ticket Fund Project is an extra way Tammy’s Formally Ever After program can support some year 12 students to attend their formals.

“I realised that even if we can gift our students a formal outfit there are still some students who simply can’t pay for their formal tickets,” said Tammy.

“Did you know a formal ticket can range between $110 and $200 on average but I’ve had students with even higher tickets.

“This alone can make it impossible for some students to even consider coming to me for an outfit.

“Many supporters over the years have asked to donate cash to me and I always say no. But this fund means people can donate directly to an account we’ve set up to help a student in need of a little extra support.”

Tammy ran the program in 2023 for a few months as a trial and a big difference was made to several students who received help in purchasing a ticket.

“Students who don’t have any other funding available, who sit in the classroom and just say ‘nah I don’t wanna go’ really do want to, they just know it’s not doable,” continued Tammy.

“How do you ask your parents for money for a formal ticket when you watch your parents cry over how to afford food and rent?

“I thought why not try this and see how we go; we have a huge village here and it was a huge success so let’s do it again for 2024.”

This year, Tammy has been in discussions with many schools across Logan and will be working with admin to make sure the money goes to the right students.

This program doesn’t require one person to make a large donation, although it is welcomed, but for many to make small donations of affordable amounts.

“If you are keen to donate any amount of money, it can be $5, $10, $20, or $100, then here’s the information you need to help us make some young adults dreams come true.”

NAME: Formally Ever After Qld Inc
BSB: 633000
ACCOUNT: 212903611
REFERENCE: Formal Ticket

“Formals are huge events that do cost a lot of money, venues, caterers so it’s great if we as a community can support our schools.”

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