The Logan Hospitals new eight-level, 1506-space undercover multi-level car park is close to being finished for the second time and will open soon.

After the site was found to be sinking, the government were forced to push the opening back while the contractors prevented any further damage and to ensure structural integrity.

When the car park opens in early 2022, fees will apply to park anywhere on the hospital campus.

The car park is owned and operated by Logan Hospital, with the hospital clamming that the parking fees will only be used for capital loan repayments, operations, and maintenance and that the hospital will not be making a profit.

Prices for Logan Hospital parking will be:

0-15 Minutes – Free
15-60 Minutes – $3.00
1-2 Hours – $5.00
2-3 Hours – $7.00
3-4 Hours – $9.00
4-6 Hours – $11.00
6-24 Hours – $13.00

While these rates are set for most using the car park, there are a few concessional rates for eligible patients and primary carers.

  • Frequent attendee—where the patient needs to be at the hospital two or more times a week, for two or more weeks in a row
  • Extended stay—where the patient stays in hospital for 14 or more days in a row
  • Financial hardship and other special considerations.

Comparing these fees to the Gold Coast University Hospital, Logan Hospital parkers are getting a slightly better deal.

Gold Coast University Hospital Parking Rates

0-30 Minutes – $4.00
0.5-1 Hour – $6.50
1-1.5 Hours – $9.50
1.5-2 Hours – $12.50
2-3 Hours – $15.50
3-24 Hours – $17.50

While all these prices seem unfair for public hospitals, which should be free, spare a thought for those needing to park at Mater Hospital in South Brisbane.

0-20 Minutes – Free
20-60 Minutes – $12.00
1-2 Hours – $19.00
2-7 Hours – $24.00
7-24 Hours – $35.00

The hospital says it will always be free to use the drop-off and pick-up zones at the main entrances to the hospital which means the only way to avoid paying the fees or getting a ticket for parking at Meadowbrook Shops across the road for extended time is to have someone drop you off.

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