From the song of the 179th episode of The Simpsons, I’m Checkin In (he’s checkin in), the reality is true for almost everywhere you will go in Logan and Queensland from July 9th.

The use of the Queensland Governments Check in Qld app has now increased in business sectors and is mandatory. These include venues that attract large crowds, such as stadiums, convention centres, theme parks, concert venues and cinemas; shopping centres and supermarkets and beauty and personal care service, such as hairdressing, beauty therapy and nail services.

The information collected in the Check In Qld app will be kept by the Queensland Government for 56 days to assist with contact tracing, if required. Queensland Health will have access to the information collected if there is a need to conduct contact tracing. A business may turn you away if you do not provide your contact details.

Whilst the use of the Check In Qld app is optional for customers, if you don’t use the app you must still provide your contact information by other means at businesses.

When using the Check In Qld app once downloaded, your phone must be connected to the internet either on the phones own provider or via a wifi connection.

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