Portly North Maclean resident Gandalf has a chunky rival to his status as king of the forest.

Arborists have discovered some more giants in the latest round of tree testing commissioned by Logan City Council.

A forest red gum at Jimboomba sits just behind Gandalf, a tallowwood, in the huge tree stakes.

The Eucalyptus tereticornis at Jimboomba measures 2.11 metres across.

Gandalf is a shade, well, more rounded at 2.38m.

Arborists use a metric called diameter-at-breast-height to measure the width of trees.

The latest round of testing has also found some ancient species.

The Jimboomba tree is thought to be 359 years old. Gandalf is 380.

Forest red gum at Jimboomba
Forest red gum at Jimboomba

A Eucalyptus carnea (thick-leaved mahogany) found at Priestdale in the latest round of testing is thought to be 270 years old.

Arborists used a resistograph to measure the ages of the trees. Changes in speed of a micro drill bit inserted into the trunk are analysed, allowing experts to age the tree.

Environment Chair, Councillor Jon Raven, said the results of the testing were exciting.

“This specialist testing always turns up some grand old trees across the city,” Cr Raven said.

“These ageing species have important roles to play in our environment. Branches breaking off over the years provide vital protection for native birds and wildlife.”

Division 9 Councillor Scott Bannan was proud to have some hardy trees in his division.


“Jimboomba people are tough, and it looks like our trees are, too – they must be to grow this big and survive this long,” he said.

“The science behind the numbers is pretty cool.”

Council keeps a list of significant trees across the city.

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