The local government election is still over a year away, proposed date of March 30, 2024, although it is expected to be the 16th due to a date clash, and nothing official has been announced, but it seems that one mayoral candidate has been outed by a campaign doner.

Cr Jon Raven who represents division 5 and was the deputy mayor for the first 2 years of his second term, has been seen all over the city at events and functions doing what he does best, schmoozing.

Cr Raven has worked hard for the people of Logan and his division and has achieved many outcomes that have bettered the city. Even while campaigning, not campaigning, Cr Raven is still focused on his division and his chair position of the Economic Development Committee.

All candidates must declare donations made to them to the Electoral Commission of Queensland which makes them publicly displayed for accountability.

On January 20 this year, Munster Services Group PTY LTD donated $10,000 to Cr Raven with the purpose of the gift given “To help his mayor campaign”.

Other contributors to Cr Raven’s 2024 run are BNH Financial Services PTY LTD and Australian Youth Welfare Trust who both donated $2,000 each.

Cr Raven doesn’t hide that he is a registered member of the Queensland Labor Party and with Logan being a strong hold for the party, Cr Raven would be strongly backed for his mayoral campaign.

The Electoral Commission of Queensland law for spending on a campaign in Logan for mayor is capped at $175,000 with candidates able to spend an extra 25 cents per voter for every elector over 200,000. An adjusted total spending cap would be $199,010 for 2024.

Current mayor Darren Power spent over $269,000 in donations for his campaign in 2020 for a return annual salary of over $237,000.

Mayor Power hasn’t made any announcements if he will recontest the position at the next election or if he will be a one term mayor.

2020 saw eight candidates for the mayoral race with Darren Power winning with 36.22 per cent first preference votes and Brett Raguse following with 19.13 per cent.

If Cr Raven does announce he is running for the top job, it will leave division 5 open for the taking. Cr Raven won his seat with 67.64 per cent of the vote with Mike Rennie his closest rival on only 18.30 per cent.

Labor party members make up four of the seats held in Logan City Council with Cr Teresa Lane, Cr Mindy Russell, Cr Jon Raven, and Cr Tim Frazer all members.

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