In a recent article published on February 28, Brett Raguse Talks Ideas, Promises and History, comments were made about Cr Jon Raven, the budget and infrastructure.

We quizzed Cr Raven about these comments and to ask for some clarification on the budget.

Jon, I’m sure you’ve seen the article where Brett made some comments about his decision to run for Mayor at the last election against Darren Power. What is your response to that?

Logan needs a mayor with the energy, experience, and vision to create a bright future for our city, and that’s why I am the best person for this role.

My opponent said that nine months ago he told Darren Power he would not put his hand up to be mayor because he had had his time in the sun and had unsuccessfully tried twice before, so it is time for the next generation.

On these points, I agree with him. This is a critical time for our city, we need someone who can hit the ground running. We can’t afford to let the city stall while a real estate agent figures out how to be a mayor. I have the strength, compassion, and experience to lead Logan through the challenges we are facing.

Are you experienced enough to run this city? 

Yes, I have been building my networks, knowledge, and skills for eight years to be ready for this role. I have been a councillor for eight years with two years as Deputy Mayor. I’ve been the Planning Chair for four years. I’ve been part of delivering eight budgets and I’ve been leading the work on our new planning scheme. Everything he said in your article about the budget shows why you can’t risk a rookie mayor. 

Speaking of the budget, the first thing he would do if he won the election is put a stop to the council budget. Could he do that?

No.This is reckless, if we don’t make decisions about the budget by late April it won’t be delivered in time for the new financial year. If he blocks supply, council won’t have funding to deliver the services people rely on. How would we pay staff? 60 per cent of our staff live in Logan, they need to put food on the table and pay their rents or mortgages. He’s never been a councillor and it’s clear he doesn’t understand how council works. There is no such thing as a quadrennial budget, I think he’s confusing it with the forward estimates that they have at federal level. 

He’s saying he wants to stop delivering infrastructure too. He needs to come clean with the people of Logan – which road upgrades is he going to stop? Because while upgrades like Park Ridge Road are needed for new developments, the existing community desperately wants that upgrade too. 

He also said you have no business experience. What do you say to that?

I’m disappointed about the comments my opponent made. They are out of touch with Logan workers and a slap in the face for every small business owner, contractor, and tradie in our city.

I ran a successful asbestos safety and demolition business for 13 years. I built it up from two blokes and truck to a nationwide business working on some of the most high profile and dangerous projects in the country. When I sold it to focus on working for my community as councillor, it had over 20 staff, plus contractors, plant, and equipment.

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