Beenleigh Junior Quota, JQ, Clubs are hosting their ninth Big Box sleepout on the courts at Beenleigh Tennis Centre. The night of rough sleeping will take place on May 27 with all high school age students invited to attend and help.

The theme for the night is “Spotify Unwrapped” for those who like to dress up.

JQ’s are all high school students who are a resourceful, diverse and community minded. JQ’s are mentored by senior Quotarians who call this their Training for Life project.

“We supply a controlled environment for each participant and encourage participants to raise as much money as they can for this currently critical issue,” said a spokesperson from Beenleigh Junior Quota.

“The event is a fun event as the goal is also to show young people you can have fun while making a great impact in your community.  We supply breakfast for sleepers.

“JQ’s goal is to raise awareness of homelessness with young people, but also more importantly to raise funds to support programs that help young people avoid becoming homeless.

“Sleeping out all night and experiencing the cold and damp is a great way to educate about avoiding homelessness. We have guest speakers talking about homelessness in their local area and talking about the who and the why.”

It is believed by experts that children who have experienced homelessness at an early age will be more likely to become homeless again when they are older.

One in three children will develop significant behavioural problems, anger, and anxiety issues, learning difficulties, and/or medical problems, suffering from a higher-than-average occurrence of asthma, ear infection, skin problem, and development delay.

“We are looking towards our community leaders to provide inspiration through support by encouraging as many young people as possible to attend and helping them by donating when asked.”

Students pay an initial fee of $25 to join the sleep out and are then encouraged to raise as much as they can for this project.

For more information contact: Heather Christensen 0415 045 451 or

Bix Box Poster
Bix Box Poster
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