The whole of Australia was watching their screens last night as Australia took on England for a shot at the final in the FIFA World Cup. They were just not doing it in Kingston.

A last-minute effort by Logan City Council to provide a big screen for locals to watch the game was put in place with limited time to advertise and advise residents.

With food and drink vendors sorted, all that was needed was the crowd. With most councillors pushing the event on their Facebook pages, it seems the community did not respond to the call.

“Logan, where the hell are you,” Mayor Darren Power posted on his Facebook feed before the start of the game.

“I am standing in front of our giant screen, and you have not turned up to watch our girls go one on one with the old enemy, the English. Come join us, game starts at eight, so you can still get down here.”

While the Matildas went down fighting 3-1, the real losers in this event were the vendors who stuck out the night to a vibrant, yet small crowd.

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