A Brisbane family has put their spin on multi-generational living, opting to share a close-knit community connected by extensive pathways and parklands, rather than a shared household.

Teagan Hadley, 26, and partner, Connor Chowns, 25, have become the fourth household in their family to purchase and build in Everleigh, Mirvac’s masterplanned community in the heart of Greenbank.

The couple are living with Teagan’s parents, Michelle and Garth Hadley, in their Everleigh home, while they await construction of their own four-bedroom home.

Teagan’s uncle, Aaron Day, and his two sons, Carter and Malachy, are residents of Everleigh, as are Teagan’s grandparents, Dorothy and Laurie Day.

“Around two years ago my uncle, Aaron, was looking for a new home and we went with him when he first visited Everleigh,” said Teagan.

“We honestly fell in love with the community from that first day and decided to start saving for a deposit so we could build a home of our very own.


“The location, parklands and open spaces really drew us in, plus the affordable pricing made it achievable for us to create our dream home exactly how we want it.

“Our family has always stuck together, so having the freedom of our own home, while still being close to everyone when we need them, is fantastic.”

The pair’s future home, to be built by Brighton Homes, includes three living areas, which will give them the ability to work from home throughout any future COVID-19 lockdowns.

“We wanted to build a home that will suit us now and be able to grow with us over coming years, plus having babysitters live so close by is definitely a future benefit for when we decide to have a family of our own,” said Teagan.

“We’re hoping to move in by the end of the year, which should be very handy for Christmas Day celebrations!”

Garth Hadley said having his daughter and in-laws a stone’s throw away meant help was always at hand.

“We’ve always lived nearby but being able to walk between homes is so convenient and makes it so easy to help one another out — or simply spend time together,” said Garth.

“I first visited Everleigh when Aaron had decided to build here and I remember how impressed I was with its convenient location close to shops and how wowed I was by the entry statement.

“We looked at other locations ourselves after that but nowhere could match Everleigh’s green open spaces, amenities and affordability.

“It’s incredible that we can continue having such a close relationship with our children as adults, and we’re also enjoying the larger sense of community here, with friendly neighbours and plenty of walking pathways.”

Mirvac Head of Residential, Stuart Penklis, said the Day and Hadley families are part of a growing trend among Australians to have several generations living together or nearby, with several other multi-generational families purchasing within Everleigh.

“The proverb ‘it takes a village to raise a child’ is ringing true for many, with the pressure of juggling work and spending meaningful quality time with loved ones leading many of us to gravitate towards living with — or close to — our family,” said Mr Penklis.

“This kind of cluster living combines the benefits of being near family, with easy access to meaningful support, more social opportunities and shared experiences, with the freedom and independence of having the space and privacy that comes with owning your own home.

“Intergenerational living can be driven by financial or practical needs, like parents of young children who need support from grandparents for childcare, or it can be part of cultural traditions within families.

“The affordability of our masterplanned community here at Everleigh makes it the ideal address for families who want all the perks and practicalities of living together, while also being able to have a home and a haven to call their own.”

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