Kids4Kids Foundation believes that education is vital to a child living a full life and reaching their potential and they have been supplying free school supplies since 2017.

Kids4Kids now have a new permanent home at Bethania Community Centre and means they have fulfilled one of their strategic plans.

“Having a place to work from has been a dream for us,” said one of the ambassadors.

“Our strategic plan was to have a place that is like a School Locker for people in need and we want to give a child a place they can pick their own colour bag, pencil case, sharpeners, rulers and have the necessary items to help them to learn.

“Having a centralized location near a train line has made it easier for families to access our services, fostering a stronger sense of community engagement.”

The organisation recently celebrated their new home with a Family Fun Event and Grand Opening.

“A day filled with joy and excitement. Families from all over the community came together to celebrate and enjoy all the activities around the Centre.

Kids4Kids Group
Kids4Kids Group

“It was also great to have Bert Van Manen MP officially open our Locker and have the support of Logan City Councillors Tony Hall, Jon Raven and Tim Frazer.”

The groups services are available to all children and families in need. Whether it’s stationery, backpacks, or other essential items, they are there to support kids on their educational journey.

All applicants must meet certain requirements to apply for assistance.

“We require individuals to provide a health care card or a referral letter from a relevant professional, such as a teacher, Police Officer, Pastor, Counsellor, State or Government Representative, or a recognized Community Organization. This documentation is crucial to demonstrate a genuine need for support.”

K4K Supply HQ is open Monday and Wednesday from 10am to 2pm.

“We will continue to have our collection days and sort but there will be a slight change instead of packing we will be having an open day for our families in need to collect their belongings.

“We are always looking for volunteers who share our passion for education and giving back to the community. If you’re interested in becoming a part of our team, please reach out to us; we would love to have you on board.”

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