Music sweet music was heard all around the club when a group of carers and their disabled clients get together to bring many smiles.

On Wednesday mornings at the Greenbank Services Club patrons are offered something different and very entertaining while having their breakfast and coffees. KingStones Music Innovative Disability Support performs with a variety of singers and music.

KingStones is all about giving young people with disabilities an opportunity to have a go at singing and dancing and being part of a fun likeminded group.

All of this wouldn’t be possible without the great leadership of Kelvin and his team of dedicated workers who all enjoy seeing the smiles of those involved.

Everyone who attends the group is given a role from being a singer to being a roadie helping set up. No one is left out and all involved get to use the skills they already have to get involved and have some fun.

Kelvin set this program up roughly four years ago after working as a carer for another organization. Unfortunately, music was not required by them so therefore this set Kelvin onto making his dreams come true. 

Music has always been a big part of his life which inspired him to start this remarkable group. They work off three pillars of success which includes everyday life skills, health, and wellness and of course music.

“I’ve always been about the music as I’ve been a musician most of my life,” said Kelvin.

“It’s not about being a good singer or the best singer, it’s not about being the best dancer, it’s about getting in there and being the best in yourself.  

The group has workshops and are heading south to perform. For more information, check their Facebook page and web site to see times and details.

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