The Sewing Lair in Beenleigh works hard to help the community and by creating handmade items for other charities across Australia.

Sometime between 1pm Wednesday 10th November and 8am Thursday 11th November The Sewing Lair on Spanns Road Beenleigh was the target of thieves as they broke into the fully fenced and locked grounds helping themselves to the charities trailer.

The trailer which is used to collect materials for the op shop that the volunteers to use to create the items for other charities and also to remove waste off site, was well used and an item the charity needs to operate smoothly.

Charity Director Cass Gell said, “I can’t believe I have to say this, but to whomever broke into our locked yard and stole our trailer, you could have at least done a tip run for us first.”

Cass Gell
Cass Gell

“I am so tired of trying to do good things for our community, only to be kicked down again by people taking what is quite clearly not theirs.

“We are all volunteers, and we fundraise and hustle so hard to buy the things we need to help you (the community) and this is how you say thanks.

“We absolutely cannot afford to replace the trailer so now we have no means of delivering and collecting donations, disposing of rubbish, and further helping our community.

“I’m feeling very disheartened, and I can only hope you needed it more than we did.”

While the news is extremely disappointing for Cass and the team, a fundraiser was quickly put online and in 24 hours the community has sprung into action and raised over $1200 to help in the purchase of a new trailer.

“Thank you everyone,” Cass said.

“I’m completely overwhelmed with your generosity and support.”

This is not the first time the charity has been a target for thieves. In late 2020, not long after The Sewing Lair moved into their new home in Beenleigh, the charities coffee van trailer was stolen.

With the help from the community their coffee trailer, named Lacey, was recovered, and was rebuilt to be used again for fundraisers and other helpful community projects.

The incident has been reported to police.

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