With the weekend just hours away, Logan Police are reminding motorists of their responsibility to own safe driving behaviours on the roads.

Logan officers will be out from this afternoon with a visible presence, conducting roadside breath tests and patrolling local roads and will continue to do so throughout coming months.

Enforcement operations will be run to ensure everyone is driving safely and that those choosing to put other motorists and themselves at risk are reminded of the potentially deadly consequences their actions could have.

A Logan Police spokesperson said if you are getting behind the wheel, then every decision counts.

“Driving affected by drugs or alcohol can have deadly consequences. Do not take the risk.

“The simplest thing to do is to organise alternative transportation when planning to drink.”

Officer in Charge of Logan District Road Policing Unit said that local officers want to remind everyone of the need to drive safely at all times.

“Own your commitment to driving safely and encourage others to do the same,” he said.

“Wherever you’re headed and whatever you drive or ride, we want you to get there safely.”

“Road safety is everyone’s responsibility, but that starts with you – avoid the Fatal Five and help keep our community safe.”

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