A local author who has work published will be doing a local book signing for fans of her work, or new fans, can meet and chat and get one of her books.

Saturday October 7, Belinda Topan will be at the Secondhand Bookshop in Bethania.

Some of her titles include Living with Vampires, Sunset, Sunrise and My Write and Sip.

Belinda is a young and inspiring author that has truly allowed her imagination and real-life situations guide her with writing of her books. Belinda has always used her writing as a means of escape from when she was bullied at school to having problems at home.

Writing is her way to escape and to release all her negative thoughts.

“When people read it, they tend to go oh I’m not alone in this, someone has been through similar to me,” said Belinda.

For a young lady of only 27, Belinda is well advanced with the way she writes and the fact she knows the way she wants her books to go is a massive positive.

As years keep moving forward, Belinda will be publishing many more books.

Being very passionate about everything she does, whether it’s writing, gaming with her friends, watching anime, to even playing Dungeons and Dragons, Belinda is right in there learning and living and thinking about her next stories.

Belinda wants to have people using their imaginations while they read her books and knowing that she is helping young readers to understand that they are not alone with events life are throwing at them.





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