By Judy Jeffrey

Mimi’s House, also known as Grandma’s House, is now in Daisy Hill and the team have been doing tremendous work supporting local children.

Working with students from Daisy Hill State School and Kingston State School, the goal is to help keep kids from prep to grade 5 engaged with learning programs and mentor them into having resilience tools to set them up for the future.

Jane Hockey is the Program Director of Mimi’s House in Logan and working as hard as ever to get this house in Logan fully functional with help from other local groups.


“The desire for us to have Mimi’s House in Logan has probably been a real life passion for the last five years,” said Jane.

“We couldn’t do this without the backing of Hope Centre, so thank you Ben Stewart (Location Pastor from Hope Centre Church) for all that you do.

“The next person I’d like to thank is Deborah Hinton (Principal of Daisy Hill State School), who believed in us and has given us a site that really got our foot in the door.

“Our ultimate goal is school engagement. We can do a lot of great stuff but we want them to engage in the next 12 years because we know that the trajectory for they life is best when their finishing or completing school.”

Trent Cowley, Principal of Kingston State School and his deputy Cassey Steers where both very excited to be coming into the program this year with Mimi’s House and have already started making plans to continue into the future with the program.

Early intervention with young kids means the cycle can change the bad behaviour that has been seen over the last couple of years in Logan from teenagers.

Mimi's House Open Day
Mimi’s House Open Day

This program is about reengaging kids but also designed to help and work with parents and families to become more resilient to help their young one through the most vulnerable time in their lives.

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