Mabel Park on Paradise Road in Slacks Creek is getting all new equipment and a radical new look with work starting last week.

Councillor Mindy Russell for division 3 said Mabel Park is particularly significant in division 3 because it’s right next door to Mabel Park Primary School and directly across the road from Mabel Park High School.

“We’ve got some really exciting things coming,” Cr Russell said about the park on the day of the sod turning.  

“I actually used to work with children, so I was pretty excited about having a say in building a park.

“This park is going to have some really cool elements to it. It’s going to have height, a really tall tower where kids can get up really high and probably see their school from up there. There will also be some water, which I don’t think this park has had before, so there will be some misting ponds where in summer the kids will have a great time running around in the water.”

The park is expected to be closed for at least the next six months however locals can still walk through the park from one side to the other around the outside of the fencing. The car park is still open, and the toilet block is not part of this upgrade so remains open for use.

“It’s a huge park and lots of families spend a lot of time here and community groups gather here and being next to the schools there is obviously kids that are enjoying the space,” said Cr Russell.

Mabel Park Sod
Mabel Park Sod

“It means a lot to me that kids have got places to hang out that are really safe and enjoyable where they can make friends and it’s not just about kids either, there’s families gathering together and getting to know each other and that’s becoming more and more important.

“Lighting and CCTV safety cameras are definitely things in parks that are becoming more and more important, and it depends on the area, but I think this one here where people can cut through from residential to the schools is important to have them.

“I feel very confident that the local neighbourhood will be impressed with this park. It will be the hot new place to gather.”

The city is under a major park upgrade with Alexander Clak Park in Loganholme and Riverdale Park in Meadowbrook also getting revamped.

“In Logan, there is so much to look forward to and particularly in parks and the outdoor space range. Families will have so many places to gather and have their BBQ’s, connect with their neighbours and it will be fantastic.

“The parks are free, healthy, their getting people active and connecting their communities together.”

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