With the State Election coming up on October 31 and pre-polling opening on Monday 19th, the candidates have now been drawn for the ballot. Here is a little information about the candidates.

Be sure you look into the candidates further as Living in Logan do no endorse or recommend any candidate for the election and we have listed candidates in order of the official ballot.


Bronwyn Bye – Pauline Hanson’s One Nation

Information still pending.

Kirsty Peterson – The Greens

Kirsty Peterson wants to give her neighbours and fellow Queenslanders a real alternative.

She is a parent and knows the struggles of managing work and kids and the demands of modern life. Kirsty is worried about what her children will face when they finish school – will they find quality employment, will they be able to afford housing, electricity, water and transport. She grew up in a regional town and it seems like Logan is forgotten by our State Government.

Logan is a wonderful place to live and work, and we shouldn’t have to queue on the M1 just to get into the City. We need better and more reliable public transport, less congestion on our major routes and a focus on building bike and walking paths.

We need to move away from a Government that just helps its donor mates towards one that puts the people first. Let’s build a sustainable Queensland with jobs, healthcare and education for all of us. 

Melissa Mcmahon – Australian Labor Party

Melissa McMahon was in the Australian Army and received the Queen’s Commission into the Royal Australian Corps of Military Police. In 1997 Melissa furthered her passion for service, joining the Queensland Police Service. After completing studies at the Police Academy, Melissa worked in General Duties uniform policing on the Gold Coast, in Logan and in the Oxley District over a period of nine years.

As a mother of three children, including a child with a disability, she knows how important health, education and other support services are to young families.

Melissa has been living and working in Logan since the 90s and has chosen this city to raise a family and work for the community.

Elected to the new seat of Macalister in November 2017, Melissa has worked tirelessly in the community to deliver real outcomes for the residents of Macalister.

David Mcclaer – Clive Palmer’s UAP

Information still pending.

Ben Musgrave – Civil Liberties & Motorists Party

Information still pending.

Judi van Manen – Liberal National Party

Judi van Manen has always been passionate about building a better life for families and communities.

Having developed and implemented training programs in financial services, Judi understands the importance of strong financial management in both business and government. It’s why Judi backs Deb Frecklington’s commitment to deliver a budget and an economic recovery package in the first 100 days of an LNP government.

And as a leader in the community and faith-based organisations, Judi knows the importance of family life and giving back to the community.

Judi is proud to be part of Deb Frecklington’s LNP team to get Queensland working again.

Margaret Keech – Independent

Margaret Keech is running in the 2020 election as an independent candidate and is prompted to stand because she believes there is an urgent need to change the way the community is being represented.

Margaret has been a local resident for over 40 years with former experience as a Member of Parliament for Albert as a member of the ALP. She beieves she can do a better job than the current member of the area.

She is married with two sons, a daughter and three grandchildren. Margaret is a registered teacher and has thought at local schools and uni’s.

Paul Taylor – Independent

Paul was born and educated in India to parents of British ancestry and went to a private Christian School completing year 10.

Paul moved to Brisbane in 1993 to marry his fiancée’ at the time, and in 1996 he commenced importing fully finished granite memorials from India. Paul is driven by a passion for excellence and this is why his Logan-based business excels.

His concern for the mediocre leadership at many levels of government has got to him and it is this poor standard that has propelled him to take the plunge and now stand for Mayor for the City of Logan.

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