The Logan North Aquatic Centre splashpad officially opened this month and has been a hit with kids from all over Logan.

The aquatic centre facility dates to the late 1980s when ‘Springwood Pool’ was at the time Logan’s only 50m swimming pool.

The $2.7 million new water play area complements the multi-million-dollar upgrade to the 50-metre Jodie Henry Pool, unveiled last October.

“When I became a Councillor nearly four years ago, my dream was to bring our city more spaces like this, which would encourage, imaginative play for children, friendships developed between community members and even more pride here in Logan, the city I grew up in, and we all call home,” said Cr Mindy Russell.

“This entire precinct is like a giant community centre to me, which is why I love it so much.

“As families gather around the splash pad, it will achieve those goals and so much more, this summer and many more into the future.”

Pool Opening
Pool Opening

An upgrade to the changerooms, including the addition of a ‘changing places’ facility which caters to the needs of people with a disability and wheelchair users, will complete the centre when finished early next year.

The splashpad was the second stage in the three-stage plan, 50-metre pool (Stage 1), Splashpad (Stage 2) and changerooms/toilet block (Stage 3).

Construction began on the splashpad six months ago, funded in part with savings from the main pool project.

“So, what actually happed was we had savings in the pool, believe it or not, which was over $2 million,” said Mayor Darren Power.

“We were always intending to do this but with the money saved from the pool were able to start straight away.”

Cr Russell and Mayor Power Opening Pool
Cr Russell and Mayor Power Opening Pool

There are 17 aquatic elements as part of the water play area, including a dipper bucket, sea horses, jellyfish, and fish blaster. Shade sails provide cover to 70 per cent of the splashpad and the space also includes two new outdoor barbecues.

In a typical year the facility gets around 160,000 visitors and will host 35 swimming carnivals in the warmer months.

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