Marvellous Mature Women (MMW) was founded on August 15, 2005, by local resident Norma Kawak.

The group meets every Tuesday at the Logan Central Library on the first floor and is for ladies 40 years young and up. MMW offers great friendship and support for everyone, and their meetings kick off at 9am with all welcome to attend.

Norma has a long history of being involved with different women’s groups in Logan and is very happy to sit down and talk about how she came to form the Marvellous Mature Women’s group.

Norma has numerous certificates and awards for the great things she has bought to Logan through her groups over the years.

The group was set up and continues to be aimed to help women come out of their houses and meet new and interesting people while feeling safe. It’s also to assist women find services that can help handle different things that life throws at them.

Whether it’s help finding services for financial, mental health, or neighbourhood safety, they cater for everyday issues and the women have many years of experience in different backgrounds. The most important part of their group is that each person feels completely safe and comfortable within the group.

The group started out at retired Labor member for Woodridge, Desley Scott’s, office and then outgrew her premises. They have been to several sites which they have also outgrown over the years, however when the Logan Central Library was opened in February 2011 in Wilbur Street, this became their new home.

Marvellous Mature Women
Marvellous Mature Women

Norma remembers very clearly the first room they had in the library, and at that stage there were 60 members crammed into a small room.

“If you have heard of sardines, we were honestly, truly sardines and everyone was so squashed,” said Norma.

The Ladies are a mixed bunch from different backgrounds, who laugh and have fun together. The group has a different guest speaker each week talking on various topics and morning tea is offered along with lots of support.

Some of their early speakers talks were about Centrelink, elderly abuse to some have include fun activities as well. This week was Cr Teresa Lane from Logan City Council talking about reporting issues, good and bad, to council to get things sorted.

When COVID hit, the group had to put a hold on meetings and getting together.

After COVID finished and everything went back to normal activities, the group was allowed to meet again however the number of members has dropped.

The Marvellous Mature Women are always open to new members and welcome them with open arms. If you are interested, stop by the Logan Central Library at 26 Wilbur Street, Logan Central on Tuesdays from 9am.

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