Queensland is behind in the numbers for COVID vaccinations, and the City of Logan is getting a lot of attention for being one of the cities lagging.

Queensland Health clinics delivered more than 10,000 doses of the vaccine on Sunday and 64.12 per cent of people over the age of 16 are now fully vaccinated and about 77.8 per cent have had one dose.

Logan, including Beaudesert, is sitting at 74.2 per cent first dose and 56.6 per cent double dose. The next closest is Ipswich which is 60.7 per cent double dose and Mackay – Isaac – Whitsundays is just below Logan on 53.5 per cent.

While there is a lot of misinformation floating around the internet and social media, there are many reasons why people may not be getting the vaccine or have not yet been injected.

Although Logan is behind, does it give the mayor the right to judge and make assumptions of “these” people who are not vaccinated?

Mayor Darren Power said on A Current Affair last night; “I get very frustrated because I know a lot of these people and they’re not healthy themselves, so I have grave concerns for them,” he said.

“A lot of them smoke and I think ‘why are you scared to put a needle in your arm’ when you smoke and you’re overweight and have all these health issues.”

He believes the biggest area of concern is youth with Logan’s average age of 34 and a high level of apathy about COVID-19.

“Parents have got to get out there and basically force their kids to have it,” he said.

With the borders due to open on December 17, the 80 per cent target is in doubt and Logan City is not the only place to be behind on jabs with most areas hovering in the mid 60 per cent.

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