In a Facebook post on Monday, 23 October, City of Logan Mayor Darren Power took offense to a billboard of Jim Chalmers MP on Loganlea Road.

The billboard reads, “Delivering the Loganlea Road Upgrade”, and is in red Labor colours, a photo of Jim Chalmers MP and nothing more.

Mayor Power, who was recently onsite to promote the start of the bridge upgrade, said on Facebook, “Actually Jim, Logan Council is delivering Loganlea Road, but don’t ever let the truth get in the way of a good story. However, we thank the tax payers of Australia for their contribution. But we know what you mean Jim.”

The total cost for the Loganlea Road upgrade is $77.7 million, with Logan City Council footing $55.2 million and the federal government chipping in $22.5 million.

Jim Chalmers MP was quick to reply to Mayor Power, an hour and a half later, with the following response.

“Hi, Darren Power – Mayor of Logan City. Actually, I acknowledge your role in this important project (and other projects we’re working with you on) frequently and enthusiastically. Including this month in this press release where I say “This is a great example of how we’re working with the council to make Logan City an even better place to be.”

The comments on Mayor Powers post have been support for pointing out the flaw in the sign and a mixture of random comments that don’t relate to the subject at hand.

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With council footing the majority of the funds for Loganlea Road, is the sign a waste of money, good for Logan, or who cares?

Photo from Mayor Powers Facebook Page

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