The Logan City Local Government Elections scheduled for March 16 is currently a two-man race for the top seat of Mayor.

Cr Jon Raven, division 5, has been campaigning for Mayor for several months before making his official announcement, and has been going strong across Logan since.

Brett Raguse on the other hand, has only just announced in January that he will be taking the fight to Jon, and has hit the ground running in his campaign for Mayor.

Here, both candidates were given the same questions and below are their answers. This will give you a little more insight into who they are.

Q. Tell Logan about yourself.

Jon Raven

My journey in Logan began in 2009 when I chose to make it my home, settling down in Marsden. Today, I live in Waterford West with my fiancé Alison, my two teenage kids and way too many pets, including three horses, three dogs, a cat, and a guinea pig.

Before I was a Councillor, I owned and operated an asbestos safety and demolition business. I sold my business in 2017 to focus all my energy on serving the community, but the skills, attitude, and strong work ethic I developed as a small business owner continue to guide me every day.

The eight years I’ve been serving Logan as a Councillor have been truly rewarding. My passion for helping people is what drives me every day. I make sure I’m available and accessible to our community. You can often find me attending clubs and special events, engaging in consultations for major park upgrades and traffic safety improvements, assisting residents with Council’s services, advocating for additional facilities and fairer local laws, and keeping the community informed during flooding and storm events. Every moment has been a privilege and I’d love to continue serving Logan as the next Mayor.

The two years I spent as Deputy Mayor gave me a unique understanding of additional work the Mayor does and how different the role is to being a Councillor. I worked hand in glove with our Mayor for those two years, learning from him and with him about what works (and doesn’t) in the role. We tackled challenges that neither of us had seen before like the pandemic, the worst floods Logan has ever experienced and the Olympic bid for venues.

When the storms came on Christmas night, I was out on the ground on Boxing Day and volunteered in the community hub at Jimboomba until people got their power back on. I know people expect their leaders to be there during a crisis and I’ve always made sure I support the community.

Brett Raguse

Brett Raguse has many achievements­ – successful businessman, Federal MP, teacher, advisor, community activist, family man.

Growing up Brett learnt the value of family and the support and nurturing they give. He imparted these values on four children of his own. As a young adult, Brett knew getting an education was essential. After first completing an apprenticeship, Brett went on to obtain degrees in business, commerce, education, and training.

Brett’s strength is that he listens and then he acts. His experiences as a business owner and as a Federal member of parliament have given him the skills and leadership to represent the people of Logan.

Brett gets thing done.

He has been able to work with both state and Federal governments to deliver major infrastructure projects for our region.

Brett can be found at karaoke, local community clubs, or even as ‘Captain Logan’ enjoying the support and friendship of the Logan community.

Most of all, Brett loves living in Logan and wants the best for you and your family. Brett hopes we can all build a future in Logan together.


Q. Why are you interested in our community?

Jon Raven

Like so many people I chose Logan to make my home and raise my kids here. Initially, I came because of the location and the price. You can’t move people or products through our region without going through our city, being based here was perfect for my business operations to service customers all over SEQ.

I stayed because I fell in love with the city and the people who live here. The community spirit in Logan is amazing and unique. I’ve lived in lots of different parts of the state and overseas – there is nothing anywhere else like the connected sense of community that we have in Logan.

We employed locals when we first moved here, and it was the work ethic of those staff that took my business from struggling to success. I’ll always be grateful to the people who helped me build my business. I first ran for Council because I wanted to give something back to the city that had given my family so much.

Brett Raguse

As a former Federal Member of Parliament and long-term community advocate I have supported the community in various ways by not only raising funds for particular causes, but promoting our community activities, events and other community engagement and truly

understand the needs of our regions, communities and residents and therefore my knowledge, experience and skills make me highly qualified to lead this City.

Why did you decide to run for Mayor?

Jon Raven

I want to work for the community as Mayor because of the incredible potential our city has. We are one of the youngest, fastest growing, and most diverse cities in the state if not the country. Nowhere else can make that claim, and those strengths are what set us apart. I want to build on that, make a difference and work with our community to create a brighter future for our city.

Pam Parker worked hard to bring three cities together into one and build a strong base for us to launch in 2016. We lost that opportunity when Luke Smith put his own interests ahead of Logan’s.

Now Darren Power has repaired that damage, cleaned up the mess and set us up to launch again in 2024. We can’t afford to miss this once-in-a-generation opportunity to harness the energy and attention that will come because of the Olympics for the benefit of our residents.

We have a lot coming at us over the next 10 years, but we’ve got a lot going for us as well. I want to be part of this critical time in Logan’s story and keep us moving in the right direction.

Brett Raguse

As a previous Mayoral Candidate, I still have the Vision, Expertise and Passion to lead Logan City be a preferred home for all to ‘Live, Work and Play’.

We need to have credible Candidates with the requisite skills, who are connected to the different levels of government and have credibility at all levels of government.

Q. What do you think is the most important skill of being a good Mayor?

Jon Raven

People want a Mayor who is on their side. Someone who will listen to the ideas and take action. Someone who will represent them, not just in council but to other levels of government.

All of that is about listening and communication. A Mayor has to be able to connect with people in a boardroom, a town hall meeting, at a footy game or a P&C meeting.

Brett Raguse

The overwhelming priority of being a good mayor is the ability to create a united team of Councillors who are engaged in their divisional communities and ensuring Council works together in providing the different communities with their priority projects and consistency of services.


Q. What distinguishes you from the other candidates?

Jon Raven

What you see is what you get with me. I work hard, I’m genuine and I always put people first.

I love problem solving and I’m not afraid to step outside my comfort zone to do what’s best for Logan.

I have the courage to find creative solutions to challenges that seem impossible to overcome.

I’m always available if you need to chat – just contact me on social media.

Brett Raguse

The major distinctions are my extensive qualifications and experience.

I have worked at all three levels of government: Federal, State and Council.

I have been an elected Member; ‘Ministerial Advisor in ‘Local Government and Planning” as well in “State Development and Industry Development’; Manager of ‘Media, Marketing and Community in Logan City Council.

A long-term resident in Logan for over 40 years.

A Business Leader and owner in Logan City for over 30 years.

A Community Advocate in multiples roles and Executive Positions in the LGA from the 1980’s to the present.

Q. Why should voters cast their ballot for you?

Jon Raven

I’ve got the experience, vision, energy, and compassion to transform Logan from what people have always said about us to what we know we can be.

We are a young city; we have a lot of work to do and we need an energetic and hard-working leader who is here for the long haul.

Brett Raguse

Extensive experience in all levels of government, a proven track record in achieving funding and large infrastructure projects and funding for our City.

An in-depth understanding of community work and priorities and an understanding of how to best support community.

I am committed, passionate and have extensive proven results and outcomes.

What are your long-term career goals?

Jon Raven

This. I want to be the Mayor of Logan for as long as people will have me. This isn’t a stepping stone or a footnote for me. I want to lead Logan through this critical and challenging phase of our growth. If we get the next 10-20 years right, we set ourselves up for a bright future and a city full of opportunity that our kids can thrive in.

Brett Raguse

After leaving Federal Parliament and later deciding that I could give expertise back to our City by being a Councillor, I decided that local government was where I would spend the remainder of my working career, if required.

Having successfully moved to a high level of representation as a Federal Member of Parliament, I have no need to move onto any other role other than commit solidly to being the Mayor of Logan City.

Q. Anything extra you would like to add?

Jon Raven

This election isn’t about me. It’s about the people of Logan. Our city is amazing, and I think we can do even better. We’ll do that by working together.

Brett Raguse

I am a well-respected resident, business owner and community advocate and performed these roles over a number of decades.

My previous public statements clearly articulate my understanding of the needs of our City and a plan for our future progress and prosperity, while making the Council more transparent and unified in the way Council can engage our communities.

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