The good Aussie meat pie is a bakery treat for breakfast, lunch, or dinner and, for many, the snack after a big night out.

But with recent data showing the meat pie is not on everyone’s lips, could this mean the end or at least a change to the Aussie classic?

In recent months data from the Australian Bureau of Statistics has revealed the average pie consumption by Australians has plummeted, with the figure down 40 per cent from the 2020 peak.

While the meat pie will probably never go away, it may help to bring up the quality in the frozen pie market and the humble bakery.

Logan is full of incredible little and big bakeries, and most do a meat pie that will do the trick, but not all will tick all the boxes.

However, choosing only one winner of the best meat pie in Logan is ridiculous. Countless places in different Logan suburbs hit the spot for all the right reasons.

While we have done our research, sacrificing our waistline and tasting pies from many Logan bakeries, someone had to do it; we must give the best pie to more than one. Here are a few of our top contenders whose pies nailed almost everything on the list.

For those who live or work a bit further out, Mr Ps Bakery in Flagstone has some delicious pies that are hot and full of quality meat. They do both a single serve and have family pies, although you must be quick to get one.

If you are around the Crestmead area, The Kensington Fair Bakery is your go-to for a hearty meat pie. They have a good selection of fresh, hot, and crispy pastries; it is hard to have just one.

One of the top contenders in Cornubia is the bakery Bread & Stuff, which has some of the chunkiest pies going. The pastry is soft but firm, and there is just enough flake that you can eat and drive without looking like you were in a pastry shower.

It might be worth noting that eating a delicious chunky steak pie while driving could be a fineable offence if the police decide it’s a “driver distraction”.

Everyone will have an opinion, but the best thing you can do is get out to your local bakeries and try a pie.

It benefits the economy and small businesses and gives you an excellent feed.

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