Arakan Martial Arts is a derivative of Burmese Thiang. This ancient form was one of the few arts practiced in the Arakan region of Myanmar (formerly Burma). The chief instructor, Robert Kyaw, started teaching in 1993. He is the first person to introduce Arakan to the western world.

Instructor Phil Morley started training in Arakan Martial Arts in 2007 after he woke up one morning to an intruder standing over him. Phil chased the intruder away only to realize he was lucky the intruder ran and not put up a fight.

This event was the beginning of Phil’s new direction to find a street effective self-defence so her wouldn’t feel vulnerable.

Over a decade from joining, Phil decided he wanted to pass on his wealth of knowledge, and help others learn how to defend themselves effectively.

His focus is on building self-confidence and inspiring his students while teaching them fast and effective techniques in self-defence.

“If you can be a little bit more resilient and a little bit more confident and feel that little bit better about yourself, your life gets a lot better,” said Phil.

It is for all ages from three years-old and they do group training for businesses and social groups.

Whether for self-defence or just to build your health, fitness and confidence, Phil is out at Jimboomba Rotary Park on Sunday mornings from 9am or email and book your lessons

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