Sunday at Club Beenleigh, Cr Karen Murphy, Division 12, officially launched her campaign for re-election in the 2024 Logan City Council election.

Cr Murphy was elected to council in March 2020 fending off four other candidates with a first preference vote count of 26.63 per cent.

In just over three and a half years, Cr Murphy has been active in her division with her vision at the beginning being that of renovate, reactivate, and revalue the community infrastructure.

“In 2020 my vision coming into council was firstly being a united cohort so that we worked as a team, then was to use my skills and knowledge to renovate, reactivate, and revalue the community infrastructure in division 12,” said Cr Murphy.

Cr Murphy Group Photo
Cr Murphy Group Photo

“Around us in the room are masterplan boards of just some of the work I have done in council. Each of these masterplans have been carefully planned, advertised, and community feedback given, then pushed out to whatever funding source was available to apply for.

“These masterplans have been instrumental in securing funds from council’s budget, Queensland state and federal governments. The biggest ticket item is the Beenleigh pool upgrade.”

While improving the division and Logan City is an important part of being a local councillor, looking after, helping, and listening to residents is a big factor of the job.  

“This job is not only about council roads, rubbish, and rates, it’s also about our people,” said Cr Murphy.

Cr Karen Murphy and Maree Robbins
Cr Murphy and Maree

“I have helped whenever and wherever I can to assist with local concerns, disasters, complaints and taken on feedback for great ideas.

“I’m extremely proud of the work we have done for this community. We have left our mark on divisions 12 for now and into the future. Now, I’m looking forward to the next five months.

“As of today (Sunday), our team will be actively campaigning for the 2024 elections in the community.”

The 2024 local government elections will include elections for mayors and councillors in each of Queensland’s 77 councils. Election day will be on Saturday, 16 March 2024.

Cr Murphy Official Council Photo
Cr Murphy Official Council Photo

“Thank you for your support,” Cr Murphy said.

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