The new contractor for the City of Logan’s waste collection, Cleanaway, has been wasting the time of residents whose bins have not been getting collected in what is being called a “teething” issue.

Cleanaway began collecting “some” of the city’s bins from the beginning of July, but local Facebook groups have been filled with residents asking their neighbours if their bins had been emptied, with many falling foul to no collection.

One resident commented, “not off to a good start though…I’m still waiting for my bin to be emptied.”

The same resident then commented four days later saying, “full week now…I phoned the council everyday….assured me they would be here….does that mean I can deduct it off my rates when I pay…..”

While many residents are finding the trucks come earlier than the previous contractor, 17 days into the new system residents are still wheeling in unemptied bins.

Ratepayers are taking to Cleanaway’s Facebook page to complain and give the company a serve.

“Our bins haven’t been emptied in 13 days. You didn’t bother collecting them on collection day. Calls were made to the council on Monday morning and I was told in 2 days you would collect them, that was yesterday and they’re still there. The council are aware of numerous complaints. You’re a joke,” said one angry resident.

Cleanaway responded requesting the person to direct message them.

Deputy Mayor Jon Raven has been busy on Facebook advising many groups how they can get action.

“If your bin has been missed, please email and they’ll organise to come get it,” he said.

“If it’s happened to you more than once, please email me directly so I can find out what is going on –”

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