Earlier this week the final divisions were declared and that meant the new council for Logan City could be officially formed.

City of Logan Mayor Jon Raven and 12 Councillors were sworn in today, April 5, and will be leading the city for the next four-years.

The elected members took their Declaration of Office at a ceremony in front of family and friends at the Logan Entertainment Centre this morning.

Two new Councillors – Nathan St Ledger (Division 4) and Paul Jackson (Division 5) – join 10 Councillors from the 2020-24 term, who were either successful in the recent local government election or returned unopposed.

Mayor Raven said his priorities for the next four years include changing the city’s reputation to bring investment, jobs and opportunity for Logan residents.

Mayor Jon Raven
Mayor Jon Raven

“We are the youngest, most diverse and fastest growing city in the state,” Mayor Raven said.

“This is our moment. It’s not once in a lifetime, nor once in a generation. This is it. Logan is ready to launch.”

Cr Raven said he wanted to encourage the brightest minds to help build the best city possible.

“Thirty per cent of our population is aged under 18, but they are 100 per cent of our future and they deserve local opportunities for work, study and fun,” he said.

The elected members for 2024-28 are:

  • Mayor Jon Raven
  • Councillor Lisa Bradley (Division 1)
  • Councillor Teresa Lane (Division 2)
  • Councillor Mindy Russell (Division 3)
  • Councillor Nathan St Ledger (Division 4)
  • Councillor Paul Jackson (Division 5)
  • Councillor Tony Hall (Division 6)
  • Councillor Tim Frazer (Division 7)
  • Councillor Jacob Heremaia (Division 8)
  • Councillor Scott Bannan (Division 9)
  • Councillor Miriam Stemp (Division 10)
  • Councillor Natalie Willcocks (Division 11)
  • Councillor Karen Murphy (Division 12)

“The Council chosen by our community is the right combination of experience, enthusiasm and fresh ideas and we want Logan to live up to its potential,” Cr Raven said.

Cr Karen Murphy
Cr Karen Murphy

“I believe that by working together we can achieve great things for our city and our community.”

A Post-Election Meeting will be held on Wednesday, April 10 at 10am for Council to appoint the city’s Deputy Mayor, Standing Committee Chairs and other representative positions, as well as adopting a calendar of meetings for 2024.

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