Community Bank Logan is a franchise of Bendigo Bank operating four branches in Logan and their branch at Springwood Mall has had a revamp.

Springwood Mall recently completed its $21m redevelopment and with it came a move for the Community Bank Logan branch.

Now the last bank left in the centre, Bendigo has moved is now adjacent to one of the new entrances at the Woolworths end of the building.

Community Bank Logan celebrated 20 years of community banking in Springwood in July and have signed a new five-year lease agreement.

“It’s very nice to have everything looking fresh and very nice and clean,” said Customer Relationship Manager Joe Lydeamore.

Community Bank Logan Branch
Community Bank Logan Branch

“Its smaller, but I feel that it will bring us all closer together and it’s easier to help people.

“People come in and see how much more a welcoming environment in the amount of space.”

The branch is now open and if you need an ATM, one is located just to the side of the doors.

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