Stepping back in time to when neighbourhoods were founded on borrowing cups of sugar and celebrating holidays with a street party, one Greenbank community will be playing host to a Neighbour Day family fun event on Saturday 25 March in a bid to form valuable connections.

Covella by AVID Property Group (AVID) and Greenfields Development Company will be hosting an afternoon of community bonding, live entertainment, food trucks, and unique activities including “Meet ‘n’ Mingle” – a process encouraging residents to tick a box on a connection flyer inviting their neighbours for a coffee or take the dogs for a walk – in celebration of Relationships Australia annual Neighbour Day.

According to the founders of the Neighbour Day program, Relationships Australia discovered 80 per cent of participants who attended a Neighbour Day event, maintained ongoing contact with their neighbours or the wider community.

Covella resident Chelsea Pym – who has lived in Covella for the past two and a half years with her husband, three children and two dogs – looks forward to meeting new residents at the Neighbour Day event.

“The event will be a great opportunity to mingle with our neighbours, particularly the new residents and see how they are enjoying living in Covella so far,” Ms Pym said.

“We’re pleased to live in a community that hosts community events all year round, it’s what makes Covella more like a family than an address,” she said.

“Connections with our neighbours have always been important, we catch up regularly for birthdays or just any excuse to have a BBQ.”

AVID Property Group Queensland General Manager Bruce Harper said initiatives such as Covella’s Neighbour Day celebrations, are important to foster community spirit and inclusivity.

“Creating connections and a sense of belonging is at the heart of community-making, which is central to AVID’s mission,” Mr Harper said.

Covella Dog Park
Covella Dog Park

“Striking a conversation with a neighbour can be difficult for some, but hosting a community event like Neighbour Day is a great way to bridge that gap and create real friendships with the people you live closest to.

“Time and time again in our communities we see that people want to live and raise their families in areas that are welcoming and family-friendly.”

The Neighbour Day Event forms part of Covella’s Community Engagement and Events Program, an initiative that allows residents to participate in weekly free fitness classes, Storytime in the park sessions for zero to five years, and Social Media Competitions including Covella’s Christmas Lights.

Two-time Christmas Light competition winner, Melissa Hayes – who has lived in Covella for three years with her two children and dog – said Covella is the perfect address to raise a family.

“Childhood memories are created growing up, playing with neighbours out in the streets on bikes and scooters or even having play dates,” Ms Hayes said.

“I’ve formed a great friendship with my neighbours, we love taking our pooches to Covella’s dog park.”

Open to residents, Covella’s Neighbour Day event will take place on Saturday 25 March from 4:00pm to 7:00pm in Talbot Park, Greenbank. Vendors on offer include Mexican food trucks, French Crepes, Henna Designs and Face Paint.

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