Being a politician means being a public figure and often the public only ever see that public person. Often it is forgotten that politicians are human too so learning about the person behind the politics shows some insight into their lives.

For over 37 years Logan has been home and despite being born in Melbourne, this local councillor really is a Queenslander and lover of the City of Logan.

Being elected in 2020 and one of the new kids on the block, Mindy Russell always had a passion for helping the community and working to make peoples live better wherever she went.

“Deciding to run (for politics) was a bit of a process,” said Mindy.

“Putting your face on a big sign and your values in the public eye to be judged is a scary prospect. I was sure in the last few months of 2019.

Mindy Russell
Mindy Russell

“Ultimately the reason I ran for council was I became a community worker because I love improving neighbourhoods, particularly for families with children.

“For a long time, I worked in a great team building up an amazing community centre. Together, we built a little place where all people could come and connect with one another and support when needed.

“Eventually I reached a point where I wanted to be able to make a bigger difference for more people.”

Mindy is the local councillor for division 3 which includes Slacks Creek, Daisy Hill, and part of Shailer Park and Underwood.

“The reason I chose to run in division 3 was because it’s where I grew up and feel a lifelong connection with.”

Mindy Russell
Mindy Russell

 Growing up, Mindy wasn’t much of a sport person however she kept active in a different way that is somewhat out of fashion nowadays.

“I’ve never been very sporty. When I was a kid, my favourite weekly activity was roller-skating at the old Argonaut skating rink in Slacks Creek. I still give it the odd go.”

Her family never took many holidays however Mindy is a fan of short cruises where she can get away from work and let her hair down.

The family run business was producing and marketing training videos which Mindy was involved in. Her first job away from the family was as a waitress at a café in the Hyperdome called Tiffany’s.

Mindy wanted to go to uni although she needed to do a course at TAFE before making it into her selected course.

Mindy Russell
Mindy Russell

“I ended up studying at the TAFE in Loganlea to gain entrance to uni. I went to Logan’s Griffith campus and graduated with degrees in both Primary Education and Child and Family Studies,” said Mindy. 

During her election campaign, Mindy chose aqua as her colour because she liked, and still does, to wear clothes in that colour. It seems to be her go to which can be seen in many of the council press photos.

As part of her election effort, Mindy had a dinosaur in a cage on a trailer that would pop up around the division with her signs plastered all over. The Democrasaurus as it became known was popular among voters and kids would point it out as they went by.

The poor Democrasaurus was later stolen, November 2022, and has believed to become extinct as it has not been seen again.

Home life and down time, when she can get it, is spent with her 21-year-old son, cat named Michonne and a recently rescued little black Cavoodle named Shadow. And if you checked Mindy’s pantry, you would probably find a particular chocolate stashed away. 

Mindy Russell
Mindy Russell

“My son and I get along really well while the cat and the dog, not so much,” Mindy laughed.

“I don’t watch much TV, but my son likes to show me funny YouTube videos at the end of each day.

“I love pineapple Cadbury chocolate, but I’m really trying to give it up.”

Working as a councillor has been a big change from Mindy’s previous life but it is something she is really enjoying.

“My favourite thing about being a councillor is having the opportunity to help people in so many ways.

“In my previous role at the Salvation Army, I enjoyed finding diverse ways to help people at the individual, family, and community levels. Now as a councillor, in addition I am entrusted to help people by improving our entire city through everything from parks, policy, events, safety and more.”

Logan is a special place for Mindy and a city that she loves because of all the people within it.

Mindy Russell
Mindy Russell

“The best thing about Logan is definitely all of the people I get to meet in this role,” said Mindy.

“I think that we have a really special culture in Logan, where people talk to one another in the street and do what they can to help strangers.

“I used to think this is how everyone is, but new people in the city often share this observation with me. I wouldn’t live anywhere else.”

With many years of growing, learning, studying and now leading, Mindy has this advise for the young people of the city.  

“Do what you think you aren’t capable of. You’ll surprise yourself.”

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