Being a politician means being a public figure and often the public only ever see that public person. Often it is forgotten that politicians are human too so learning about the person behind the politics shows some insight into their lives.

Born in Penrith, NSW, living there until she was nine, her family then moved to Logan Village where she attended Logan Village Primary School. Moving to high school, she attended Loganlea State High School which left her with lots of great memories.

Now having lived and worked in Logan for 40 years, it was in July 2019 that Councillor Miriam Stemp became interested in politics.

“I had sold a small business venture I ran from home and was volunteering a lot at my sons’ school at the time and decided I wanted to do something out in the community where I could make a difference,” said Miriam.

Cr Miriam Stemp
Cr Miriam Stemp

“I had heard that Mayor Darren Power, the long-time Division 10 Councillor, was going to run for Mayor and I thought this might be a great opportunity to make a difference in my local community, but also across the City of Logan.”

Miriam was elected in the 2020 council elections for Division 10 and has been working hard to improve the division since.

Miriam’s first job was an office junior at Coles Beenleigh where she would count all the money which came up to the office in capsules through vacuum chutes from the cash registers and do all the wages, putting cash into little envelopes for the staff to collect.

Growing up, Miriam had horses and several farm animals. Now she has two Shih-tzu dogs called Cocoa and Chewy.

“I also have a Flow hive and my bees are sort of like our pets. They are beautiful and really fascinating to watch, produce lots of honey and are great for the environment. We also have a variety of fish and lots of wildlife which visit us regularly including birds, possums, wallabies, and the odd snake too.”

Miriam was and still is active in her time away from the job. She used to swim regularly at the Logan North Aquatic centre. These days she enjoys kayaking, rock climbing both indoor and outdoor, and mountain biking on the amazing trails here in Logan.

Cr Miriam Stemp
Cr Miriam Stemp

When holidaying, her family head to Caloundra. “We have taken the same holiday every year for the last 15 years,” said Miriam.

“We stay in the same place and mostly do the same activities each year, but it is always a fun and relaxing holiday with the family.”

Other family time includes a Sunday night BBQ and board games at home or a swim and BBQ at the beach. You might see Miriam munching on some Raffaello chocolates, which are her favourite, while watching The West Wing.

“It is interesting watching how different American politics is to here in Australia, especially the election process.”

Miriam says the best part about Logan are the people.

“We live in such an incredible city with so many amazing people who help each other, look out for each other, and make this city a great place to live. I also love the beautiful greenspaces across our city and the amazing variety of wildlife we have in those areas. I love being part of the local volunteer BushCare and TrailCare groups where I have learnt so much from the last few years,” said Miriam.

Cr Miriam Stemp
Cr Miriam Stemp

As a councillor, Miriam enjoys problem solving.

“From helping residents solve their neighbourhood problems to being part of strategic planning to help solve the problems facing our city now and into the future.

“I also get to spend time with the most amazing people of all ages who I can learn so much from about the past and what they would like to see in our city in the future.

“Our young people are our future and I know how important it is to listen to our youth to help shape the direction of our city,” said Miriam.

“My words of wisdom are work hard, persevere, and don’t give up. Stand up for others and what you believe in. There are many ways to achieve your goals. Accept no one’s definition of your life and go confidently in the direction of your dreams to live the life you’ve imagined.”

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