Being a politician means being a public figure and often the public only ever see that public person. Often it is forgotten that politicians are human too so learning about the person behind the politics shows some insight into their lives.

Teresa Lane is the Division 2 Councillor for Logan City Council and was elected in 2020. Before being elected, Teresa was in the army and then went on to work for Craig Emerson MP before working for some dedicated and amazing people over the next 20 years in the political world. 

“I liked helping people, working with local not for profits on community projects and drafting speeches on legislation coming up in parliament,” said Teresa.

“I have wanted to represent my community for several years and always knew local government is the place where the most impact is felt.

“Having worked in Federal and State offices, I wanted to represent my community at the local government level because that’s where decisions occur that greatly impact them.”

In 1974, Teresa’s parents purchased the family home in Augustus Street Kingston which gave her a lot of time to explore her now division.

Cr Teresa Lane - Division 2
Cr Teresa Lane – Division 2

“My kindy teacher lived across the road, and we walked to Kingston Junior School then Kingston State School and Kingston High School as we aged up,” said Teresa.

“Kingston State High was a killer on the calves as you walked up and down the ramps between classes. They would have you down on the oval first up, then up the hill to art, then down again for math then back up for home EC. I reckon our timetable was more about wearing kids out, and it worked.

Her first real job was a deli chick at Coles Sunnybank where she had to work Thursday night and Saturday morning earning $21 plus overtime and meal allowance. “I thought I was rich!”

Away from work, Teresa enjoys hanging out having BBQ’s, chatting over the fence to walkers in the forest and generally veging out over an episode of Escape to the Country or 8 out of 10 Cats Does Countdown. 

“When we went to the UK, I wanted to see every county, bubbling brook and castle I had seen in episodes of Escape to the Country, and we did see a fair few.

“But when home, we really enjoy heading out to local events and taking in the vibe and excitement.”

Showing her true Aussieness, Teresa enjoys a steak, mushroom gravy and crunchy chips as her favourite meal. While for a hobby, Teresa enjoys painting on canvas, wood, glass, clay pots and loves the variety of colours the world has to offer. And when not holding a brush, she is playing with her two Newfoundland puppies.

“They fill our home with joy, laughter, and a few curses when we step in accidents.”

Teresa has a love of softball and loved playing the game also. She played it through school and in tri service competitions in the army. Teresa went back to it in her forties, played masters and was part of some great teams.

In her twenties and thirties as a single parent, holidays were anywhere it was affordable that had water. 

Councillor Teresa Lane and Biochar
Councillor Teresa Lane and Biochar

“We didn’t have a lot to spare but we had so much fun and honestly stayed in some less than average places that were affordable.

“A few times we slept in the car, but every day was an adventure and we saved money for paid experiences by not getting accommodation that had any stars,” Tereas laughed.

When it comes to her job, the best part for Teresa is showcasing all the good things happening in her area while addressing and working on the things that aren’t going so well. 

“From highlighting the wonderful work of local groups, schools, our diverse community and volunteers, to lobbying for the Illegal Dumping Taskforce, each has its own degree of satisfaction when you can say – this is my area and I’m proud of it and I’ve done something to make a positive difference to it.”

For Teresa, the best thing about Logan are the people.

“The resilience, the strength, the compassion, the volunteers, the caring and the gutsy way we live life.”

Making the city a better place has been important to Teresa and you can see her doing this in many ways. Supporting the young people and giving advice is vital to her.

“Life is a series of challenges, and you won’t always meet your goals in the time you set down for them, but don’t give up on them. 

“Goals also change depending on circumstances but the drive behind setting goals doesn’t. Be kind to seniors, be good to your parents and love and look out for your community and they will have your back if times get tough.”

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