Early yesterday afternoon on Trailblazer Drive in Flagstone a family home became well involved in fire.

With all emergency services on scene, including Logan House Fire Support Network, it was established that the occupants of the home were all accounted for while their house was destroyed.

One female occupant was transported to hospital with smoke inhalation while some of the family pets were still missing.

A search found the family dog safe and well however tanks of fish did not survive. Also found inside were the families missing pet cats who had both succumb to the fire.

A family spokes person said on Facebook, thank you to all the neighbours who offered their help and support to my family during this time.

“The house is my sisters and we’re all so devastated about the loss of not only both her kitties, but all the fishies in the tanks; it’s been a very hard day for us all.”

Louie Naumovski from Logan House Fire Support Network said we will be assisting the family moving forward with help from their insurance.

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