Domino’s Pizza has been in Australia for almost 40 years and there are many local store owners that do plenty of good things for clubs and events in Logan.

The business chain also provides jobs for many school kids, uni students and other young people who are starting their working careers.

While many families order pizza for home delivery, often once a week, the pizza giant says they are feeling the pressure of rising costs and will be passing on a new charge to customers.

“From today, we are introducing a Delivery Service Fee”, Domino’s said in a statement.

“We have held off introducing this for as long as we could even as it has become standard in our industry, but this small fee will help our local Domino’s store owners cover the cost of operating a delivery business in the current environment and allow them to continue to provide the great delivery service you know and love.

“This means that a 6 per cent Delivery Service Fee will now be applied to online delivery orders on Monday – Saturday.

“This amount, which will vary based on your order total, will be clearly shown before you confirm your purchase.”

Unlike a standard set fee, the more your total is the great the fee will be which could see a decline in home deliveries.

This fee does not apply to pick up orders.

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