By Judy Jeffrey

Walking among the gum trees, there sure is lots to see as you explore the newly refreshed Eridani Park in Kingston.

As you pull into the car park, the magic of excitement takes hold of you and the kids get excited seeing everything from the window of the car.

Eridani Park is such a secret in a large suburb and worth visiting as there is so much for the kids to see and do.

Follow the path down past the restored hall and onto the path to fun.

The waterway rock paths just make this park so amazing for kids to follow. This is a well set out area for those rainy days that will see water flow through the park and away from flooding the play areas.

There is an old hand pump that brings in a bit of history and is an ideal way of showing kids how water was bought up from the ground in years gone by.

The swing area still has the old swings, as they were too good to remove, and now there are a lot of new ones added to heighten the experience. There are logs to climb on, paths to follow and lots of sensory items to experience.

Eridani Park Toilets
Eridani Park Toilets

The park is so friendly for the whole family with BBQ services, tables and chairs under shelters, and plenty of seating in many locations.

The basketball court really adds to the quality of the park as local kids can play against each other, shoot hoops or just have fun together.

It is out with old the and in with the new fantastic, refurbished toilets which are now wheelchair friendly.

This park has really come a long way from what it was. The locals are so proud that they now keep monitoring the park to prevent vandalism and damage to the equipment, but most of all to keep the children in the park safe.

Over the school holidays or anytime in the future, be sure to visit this park. The kids will have an amazing time.

Heads up, as there are set open times for the park. When it is closed it is monitored by 24-hour cameras, which is also a new safety feature for both night and day.

The park closes at 8pm and reopens the next morning at 5am.

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