Police fulfil numerous roles in the local community and the Policing in school programs aim to build a better relationship between police and school children.

Are you aware of whether your local primary school has an Adopt-A-Cop or your high school has a School Based Police officer?

The School Based Police officers operate in high schools as a joint initiative between the Queensland Police Service and Education Queensland.

The school-based police officer role aims to provide a police presence and to maintain positive relationships with high school students and their families.

These officers are part of the school community and proactively work with students and the wider school community.

There are several Logan District high schools that participate in the program including Mabel Park, Woodridge, Loganlea, Kingston, Marsden, Beenleigh and Flagstone State Community College.

A School Based Police Officer has an office on school property and can generally be contacted through the admin office during school hours.

The school-based officers provide a point of contact, always exercising discretion and confidentiality.

The Adopt-A-Cops on the other hand, operate on a voluntary basis visiting primary schools to educate school children about the laws in Queensland and the duties of a police officer.

Several topics that may be discussed or presented include personal safety, bullying and road safety.

Adopt-A-Cops may attend key school events, address school parades, coordinate and represent the Queensland Police Service at relevant events, conduct informal ‘drop in’ visits and attend meetings or school excursions and camps.

With policing in schools, police can enhance children’s safety and wellbeing through education, encouraging law abiding behaviour and normalising positive attitudes and relationships with police and the local community.

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