Today, Assistant Commissioner Ben Marcus urged Queenslanders to be safe on the roads ahead of Easter and the school holiday period. 

With lives lost on track to reach its highest in a decade, the Queensland Police Service (QPS), launched the Easter road safety campaign from today until April 18, with the aim of reducing serious and fatal crashes. 

Assistant Commissioner Marcus said with 74 lives already being lost on Queensland roads this year, the QPS was urging the public to take responsibility for their actions during the busy holiday period. 

“We know this is a peak time for our road network, where Queenslanders will be out and about spending time with family and friends,” Assistant Commissioner Marcus said. 

“Already this year there are 74 people who won’t have that opportunity.  

“Your actions on the roads can have direct consequences on your life and those around you.” 

Assistant Commissioner Marcus said across the state, the QPS would be conducting high visibility policing operations focused on the Fatal Five factors. 

“Expect to see us anywhere, anytime when you’re on the roads over the Easter and school holiday period,” he said. 

“Our message is simple – we want you to remember that every decision you make on the road counts.” 

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