Springwood and Rochedale South Police joined tradies and fellow tool theft prevention enthusiasts at TradeTools Slacks Creek to share a message about keeping tools safe from thieves.

The officers were keen for the opportunity to share a BBQ with everyone in attendance and chat to tool owners and purchasers about the proactive steps they can take to help protect their tools from potential theft.

Senior Constable Michael McDonald said it was important that people know the ways in which they could prevent tool theft.

“This event is about talking and learning about the ways in which we can prevent tool theft,” Senior Constable McDonald said.

QPS at TradeTools talking tool safety and having a BBQ

“We’ve offered engraving services and use of our engraver so people can make their tools more identifiably theirs and deter opportunistic offenders.

“We also want people to be aware of the steps to take should their tools be stolen and to shed light on the kind of information police need to assist you in regaining your property.”

Senior Constable Tom Lyons said that it is important to follow a few simple steps to enable police to reunite property with you as its rightful owner in the event it is stolen.

“Without following those steps, it can be very hard for us to reunite property with its owners and resolve tool theft offences.

“It really is important to think about the traceability and ownership of your tools by keeping appropriate records and applying markings or engraving your tools for identification purposes.”

QPS talking tool safety

Senior Constable Lyons also stressed the importance of storing tools securely.

“The other big thing is making sure you store your tools and associated valuables securely,” he said.

“That means locking them up, locking up your vehicles and sheds and being careful where you leave your keys as well so no one can easily access your tools.

“At the end of the day, we know how valuable the tools of your trade are, but so do thieves, so do what you can to keep them secure and safely in your possession.”

Police thanked everyone who came along and stopped to chat to them and also to TradeTools for having them along and providing the BBQ.

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