On Thursday, August 26, Flagstone Primary School was the very first school in the Logan District to experience the ‘Safe Scoot’ road safety initiative.

The program was designed and delivered by the Logan District Crime Prevention Unit.

Safe Scoot is all about educating students and other community members on scooter safety and road safety including what safety gear they should be wearing, where they can and cannot ride as well as the basic practical skills needed before taking off on a push scooter.

Over the past 10 years, push and electric scooters have become extremely popular, with many kids riding them to and from school daily or around their neighbourhoods.

With this trend on the rise, police consider this type of education a necessity for this age group in order to keep them safe while they have fun on their scooters.

The students were even lucky enough to have Police Dog Cluedo make an appearance. Cluedo showed off his scooter safety knowledge and skills, making the kids laugh with his silly antics.

Police presented to approximately 600 students who we hope will all take some safe practises on their next ride.

District Officer for Logan, Acting Chief Superintendent Mel Adams said this presentation was another great way to get road safety messaging to our youngest road users.

“Keeping our children safe on and around our roads is a very high priority for police, and you can never start too young in starting road safety education,” Chief Superintendent Adams said.

“It’s a new initiative and it seemed to go over well – great to see the kids having fun as well as learning.”

Officers also plan to attend skate parks in the coming months to actively engage with the kids who ride their push scooters daily and see what cool tricks they can do, as we know Logan has a lot of talented kids.

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