On Monday, October 9, Logan school-based police officers attended Loganlea State High School Wellbeing Day to speak with students.

“It’s estimated that 1 in 3 women and 1 in 5 men will experience major depression in their lives,” said Senior Constable Ethan Sorby.

“Other conditions, such as schizophrenia and bipolar disorder, are less common but still have a large impact on people’s lives.”

There are many potential stresses for young people, including assessments, prospects after high-school, family issues, social media pressures, issues in the wider world and many more.

“As police, we often see the end results of substance abuse appearing as an escape or a buffer to distract from or supress pain, anxiety and trauma.”

Police were spoke to students about several issues, including:

  • the dangers of drug and alcohol misuse
  • looking after themselves and their mates at parties
  • the dangers of distracted and drunk and drug driving
  • coping strategies for stress
  • the importance of healthy eating, a healthy sleep schedule and exercise
  • how to talk to reach out to their friends who might need help
  • where to seek help

A driving simulator showing the effects of alcohol, fatigue, drugs, and distractions was a great tool to drive the point home how an individual’s choices can impact themselves and others.

“We were grateful to be involved, along with the many other services that attended,” said Senior Constable Sorby.

It was a great opportunity to remind students that police can also refer and assist someone who needs help.

Nothing is ever so bad that you can’t tell somebody.

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