The Robertson Brothers 1960’s Variety TV Show

Surprisingly, there’s quite a few sibling entertainment combos in the world. Specifically, over 40 musical groups with real brothers in them.

Think of the Bee Gees, the Jackson Five and the Beach Boys for example. There’s AC/DC, Van Halen and The Proclaimers. Pretty sure the Leyland Brothers never sang – so you can rule them out. And then there’s the Robertson Brothers.

These three connoisseurs of conviviality who arrived at our Logan Entertainment Centre have been heard on TV around Australia four nights a week, for more than 34 years – singing the “Home and Away” theme.

Never have we seen a show so technically and almost impossibly clever, so humorously put together (gags inside gags) and musically outstanding.

Just like Agatha Christies’ 1952 play “Mousetrap”, by tradition at the end of each performance, audiences are asked not to reveal details to ensure that the end of the play is not ruined for future audiences. There’s no need for caution. I’m not going to write a spoiler here.

The Robertson Brothers
The Robertson Brothers

But I desperately wish I could tell you about their intricate harmonies – unique to family voices. About their wonderful guitar playing. The way they helped us remember the wonderful years of early Aussie television entertainment. Could I slip in a word about the stage sets? Mention the cheeky humour, their magnetic family oneness that fused a capacity audience together for a night celebrating some golden years?

I can’t. Nope, not at all. I promised.

But I can tell you they introduced a stellar singer, Simon Brook McLachlan, who delivered a string of Frankie Valli and the Four Seasons songs. Whoa!

The Robertson Brothers: Real, relaxed, and down-to-earth as ever. They’ve worked hard for decades to attain their “overnight” success. They know how to make laughter the best medicine for a sagging spirit and make singing, a vital ingredient for happiness. And just by the way, this Logan Entertainment Centre – it’s an outstanding venue. It was our first time in it.

Catch The Robertson Brothers whenever you see them advertised. It’s not what you’d expect, it’s a 1,000 times better.

Reviewed by 101FM Radio Presenter Stu Robertson (no relation haha)

The Robertson Brothers
The Robertson Brothers                                                                          

Photography by Michelle Cop (MC Photography)

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