101Fm’s Wednesday night’s Smooth Jazz presenters Stu and Michelle get unique opportunities to interview successful international, national, and local artists. On-Air (and off-air) they always ask them for their professional advice.

Tips to have your songs on the radio playlist and to advance your career. Here’s a surprising compilation of comments direct from the mouths of seven Gold and Platinum artists they have interviewed on 101FM. People whose songs you probably already sing.

Product: Do you have an original song that is buzzing around in your head? One that you’ve been creating. Or do you have a unique version of a well-known hit, no matter how old it was? Is your voice a little different, strong or unique?

Passion: As old-fashioned as it might sound, is there a burning desire inside you to sing or play in front of an audience much bigger than your bathroom, Aunt Beryl, your Besties, or your local Bowls Club? Is there a sense of joy in singing way out loud, a fulfilment that’s indescribable?

Power of Performance
Power of Performance

Patience: Ready to travel the long “journey” that might see your talent finally exposed? Can you wait and hone your skills to be ready for any completely out-of-the-blue random opportunities?

Persistence: Are you capable of both ignoring jealous comments – and yet have the ability to discern and be open-minded, to understand healthy criticism – adapt and improve for the better?

Professionalism: Are you aware of yourself as a person and keep your ego and attitude in check? When you measure yourself occasionally against international stars, can you learn anything new, no matter how trivial it may seem to others – like properly holding a microphone?       

Presentation: Striving to be the best you can be behind the recording microphone or in-front on-stage. Being aware of every photo–op, realising that you never know who is in the audience, watching and listening.

Power of Performance
Power of Performance

Well, there you have it, the professionals have spoken. Should you have any tracks you may have recorded or just seeking some insider advice – it doesn’t matter what music genre it is, please contact Stu or Michelle at Logan’s 101FM.


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