Interview with John Blunt: Dedicated Tribute Freddie Mercury / Queen Artist

Michelle and Stu caught up with John Blunt at the Beenleigh Tavern just prior to the Killer Queen Experience Show and naturally pumped him with some candid random questions about his life of entertainment on the road.

Stu: What got you into music? What was maybe the defining moment you heard somebody on the radio and went… “I’d like to do that”?

John: It’s funny, I was born in 1969, we didn’t have a TV for a while. Back then stereos were part audio and part furniture with big speakers and a record player. Mum would listen to the crooners – Perry Como, Dean Martin, and Frank Sinatra. On the weekends Dad would really crank up the rock and roll.

Michelle: You’re practicing all the time to keep your vocal skills up. Is it all Queen music or do you try some Elvis songs, for example?

John: If I’m home here, I’ve actually got a soundproofed area. I generally sing deep cuts of Queen songs – stuff people don’t really often hear.  I just like to see if I can do it. I think in life we’ve all got to understand our weaknesses and our strengths.

Stu: Have you played in the United Kingdom?

John: I have a friend over there who is in a ‘Guns and Roses’ Tribute group and… he’s a massive Freddie Mercury and Queen fan. So yeah, that’s what I did. I went over there. This Queen documentary that I’m in had just been launched on ITV about 6 months prior. I really felt pretty special there for a while, but you have to come home, and the ego was really ripped out of my soul – back to changing nappies and reality! Ha!

ohn Blunt: Dedicated Tribute Freddie Mercury / Queen Artist
John Blunt: Dedicated Tribute Freddie Mercury / Queen Artist

Michelle: Do you have contact with any from the Queen band?

John: We were invited backstage to meet Roger and Brian when they came to Brisbane. When we were ushered in, Brian said “hello John, how are you?” I wanted to speak, and I forgot their names. I completely forgot. Horrible!

Stu & Michelle: Enjoy your show tonight!

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