Radio days have well and truly changed since the 80’s. Promoting music was once the sole domain of a powerful record company.

Every week the record company rep took a range of new CD and vinyl releases to a station, lit a mutual cigarette of dubious origin and had a good ‘ol chat with the music director.

And then… pulled a few favours to get a single song or album played. But not so fast. That’s only after the previous Friday’s sales meeting where the rep was told whatto push. (…and what not to)

The whole music industry has undergone a cultural and technical upheaval. Apps, smart phones, file sharing – this list goes on.

Artists, both brilliant and bizarre are doing their own recording via computer programs and high-quality affordable microphones in their own lounge rooms.

Even your fave music store is supplied by the major labels, with little or no room for independent labels.

Finding it hard to get a recording contract, they pursue their dreams by releasing a single track on one of the many digital platforms.

Sadly, those digital online platforms don’t live up to the hype. They really don’t. Sometimes not enough “plays” for the artist to buy a coffee or two.

Still, here’s the amazing news. Touchable CD’s where you read the contents, playable vinyl records, and paper magazines are for sale. Tactile products are back. And back with a vengeance.

Enthusiastic independent artists hope to hear their creations on the radio waves. Sadly, many stations receive their programming directly from Sydney and have a syndicated locked-in playlist with little room for local talent to be included.

Which is where Logan’s number one radio station comes in. 101FM loves to give quality unsigned Australian recording artists the airwaves to share their music.

Like Bradley McCaw, Tara Neilsen and Ian Maurice who have interviewed by presenters Jason Dasey, Mike Bennett, and Stu Robertson.

Bradley, for example, is releasing his CD in February 2022. Logan’s Morning Show host and new President, Mike Bennett, invited Brad to perform two of his new songs live in the Logan-based studio.

Likewise, seasoned Thursday Morning Show host Jason Dasey chatted with former national TV sports presenter and accomplished singer Ian “The Bear” Maurice about the release of his new “Live at the Emporium” CD.

And for variety, Stu Robertson on 101FM’s smooth Jazz late night program “After Sunset” had singer and trumpeter Tara Neilsen on the line with her track.

Finally – and thanks to local radio stations like 101FM, musical artists with genuinely hot material have a chance to share some of their hard work with thousands all at the same time on the airwaves – anywhere in the world.
Article by 101FM Radio Presenter Stu Robertson
Photography by Michelle Cop (MC Photography)

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