Sex and Chocolate

We set off for a long-lusted steak at the local. Sure, it’s crazy. But when you get the burn for tender eye-fillet with hot baked chips and salad, nothing short of police road spikes or double cyclonic weather should get in your way. Fortunately, nothing did.

We’d remembered an addition to their entrée menu, Pork Belly Burnt Ends, with sticky BBQ sauce. it’s almost addictive, it may be soon declared illegal. The restaurant staff delivered it like a diamond from a showcase and watched as we fought over who was getting the crispier bits, she won.

Frankly we could have simply settled for two plates of the entrée – but no, the target for tonight was the steak. This food has a DFR (drool factor rating) of 9 out of 10.

Then there’s “Sex and Chocolate”. Talking not about an event from an erotic magazine, but an unbelievably talented, flexibly-sized R&B Motown group. Fitzy’s Sports Bar is where we’d sauntered around to find, after a stunning banana meringue dessert.

Can you imagine being a little surprised when a relaxed, cool, casually dressed trio grabbed their microphone stands to face an intimate crowd. Just Paul, Maihi and Wilz with beaming smiles. Either they were furiously disguising nerves – or they were in possession of a new formula for depression. Thinking it was a bit of both.

Fitzy's Loganholme
Fitzy’s Loganholme

It was after they told us their Aunty allegedly wrote some of the most famous songs for Barry White and Carlos Santana, and their uncle allegedly penned tunes for Stevie Wonder, that I started to get “what’s goin’ on”. And it wasn’t Marvin Gaye. 

These guys were having so much fun with their silky harmonies layered over some great tunes, that these song intro’s were just a total comedic bonus.

“Sex and Chocolate” performed a couple of long sets which included stunners such as “Baby Come Back” by Player, Stevie Wonder’s “Master Blaster”, Earth Wind and Fire’s “September” and “My Girl”, the Motown classic by The Temptations. I like to do research. Their supposed Aunty didn’t write any of them at all in her garage the previous night as claimed. I actually started giggling. 

This was the most refreshing of evenings. We so needed it! Great food, a damn good clean laugh, and super vocalists. Fitzy’s Loganholme made it happen, yet again.

Fitzy's Loganholme
Fitzy’s Loganholme
Reviewed by 101FM Radio Presenter Stu Robertson
Photography by Michelle Cop (MC Photography)

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