This week Logan District Crime Prevention Unit (DCPU) and Logan School Based Police Officers (SBPO) attended King’s Early Learning Centre ‘Noah’s Ark’ in Logan Village.

Officers were surprised when greeted by very excited educators and children all dressed up in costumes for book week.

They spent the morning with eighty dressed up Pre-Prep students, educating them on road safety and their safety network.

Of course, the police weren’t going to get away with visiting these Pre-Prep students without having a bit of fun with the police vehicle lights, sirens and loudspeaker.

Pre Students Listing to the Police Car
Pre Students Listing to the Police Car

Ensuring all ears were covered for the loud siren, the kids got to here up close the noises a police car can make.

A couple of lucky students got to try police vests on and telling officers how heavy they are to wear.

Finally, police and the Pre-Prep kids practised safely crossing the road on a pedestrian crossing, explaining how they must look both ways before crossing and to make sure no cars are coming.

Pre Students Trying on Vests
Pre Students Trying on Vests

They all practised looking left and right and when it was safe, the group crossed the road.

In true road safety style these Pre-Preppie’s wanted to be extra safe, by holding their buddy’s hand when crossing.

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