Election day proved to be long queues, shortage of staff and a shortage of ballot papers occurring at many booths across the city, and Queensland.

Then, last night, the results were slow to be added to the website with the performance of the Electoral Commission of Queensland being questioned.

Despite all of that, the results are starting to show some clear winners, although there are a couple of divisions that are going to go down to the wire.

The Logan mayoral race had three candidates, two serious, and regardless of all the mudslinging, the cryptic words from the outgoing mayor and a former mayor clinging on the bandwagon of a candidate, the numbers are in the favour of Cr Jon Raven.

Just shy of 161,000 votes counted (just over 70 per cent counted), Cr Raven has over 55 per cent of the vote with Brett Raguse holding just over 30 percent.

Division one has a clear leader with the incumbent looking to hold their seat.

It is still early numbers in division two, however Cr Teresa Lane has taken a strong lead and is looking good to hold her seat.

More than 55 per cent of division three has been counted and sitting councillor Mindy Russell is holding almost 85 per cent of the preliminary votes and is on track to re-election.

Division four is the first of the divisions to have no incumbent running, leaving voters to choose a fresh face to represent them.

Over 10,000 votes counted (55.26 per cent) and a clear leader has emerged. Nathan St Ledger is over 17 per cent ahead of Lucy Reilly in the current count.

Jon Raven’s former division, div five, is another hotly contested seat. With just over 40 per cent of the votes in, it is a two-horse race with Paul Jackson leading Sovannary Uk but 295 votes.

Currently in the west, division seven, over 63 per cent of the votes are in and Cr Tim Frazer has taken a strong lead with just un 62.5 per cent of voters supporting him.

 Division 12 is an extremely close fight with just over 64 per cent counted and there is a difference of only 67 votes between the two candidates.

The results will be continually updated today on the Electoral Commission of Queensland website.

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