For many dog owners the excitement of going away can be diminished by the stress and worry of leaving their dog in kennels. Of course, not all dog kennel stays are the result of a fun thing like a holiday either. Sometimes our dogs must stay in kennels due to us needing to go somewhere rather than us wanting to go away for a while.

To achieve the best outcome for your dog’s boarding kennel stay you require two things: Firstly, selecting the accommodation best suited to the dog’s particular needs and secondly, preparing the dog for its stay to avoid any unnecessary distress or anxiety.

A dog relies on its routine for security and safety and it’s essential that its diet and exercise regime is maintained to ensure that your dog stays happy and healthy. This means that your priority should be to look for a kennel that is sensitive to your dog’s physical and nutritional needs.

If your dog is used to getting a lot of exercise, they will require a kennel that provides plenty of off-lead walks and ball activities.

Although this can sometimes result in additional charges, it is worthwhile as it will improve the dog’s stay and give you peace of mind while you are away.

You should also remember to leave your pet’s up-to-date medical records and any recent medications prescribed to them. It is essential that your dog has been given all the required vaccinations and has had any other relevant treatments such defleaing and deworming.

Finding the right fit in a boarding kennel or pet resort can be difficult and it is worth going to visit the ones you are thinking about leaving your best friend at.

To help lower your dog’s anxiety before your trip away, there are a couple of things to look at doing once you have found the place for your pooch’s holiday.

Booking an overnight stay for your dog before your actual trip can be helpful for them to get used to the kennel and make their stay less stressful.

Providing extra exercise before their stay can help tire your dog out and reduce their anxiety. This can make the transition to the boarding kennel smoother.

Make your goodbye quick. Lingering goodbyes can increase stress and anxiety for your dog so keep it quick and calm to minimize stress for your dog.

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